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Active Load Ltd.
28 Folly Green
T: 01491 680123
M: 01491 680397
W: Transducer Design

Custom Force Sensors

Part no: Custom Force Sensors

Here at Active Load Ltd. we provide the complete transducer solution; this includes designing and manufacturing strain gauge transducers. We also manufacture Custom Force Sensors, many of which are multi-component to measure the force in various axis, these include bending moments and torque all using foil type strain gauges. Also small load beams are used as inclinometers to monitor small accelerations. Suitable for use in a wide number of applications including: Lifting Marine Oil & Gas Construction & more. We can also design and manufacture: Custom Load Cells Custom Torque Sensors Custom Pressure Sensors Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Custom Force Sensors

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