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Automatic Identification Systems (UK) Ltd
Knaresborough Technology Park
Manse Lane
North Yorkshire
T: 01423 796149
F: 08432 161882
W: Automatic Identification & Labelling

  • 1: LVS Integra 9570
  • 2: LVS Integra 9570
  • 3: LVS Integra 9570
  • 4: LVS Integra 9570

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LVS Integra 9570

Here at Automatic Identification Systems (UK) Ltd we specialising in the field of automatic identification & labelling.

One of the products we offer our customers includes LVS Integra 9570 from our Barcode Verification range.

Key features of our Integra 9570 include:

Full ISO/ANSI barcode verification of 1D &2D codes
Inspects all nine ISO/ANSI parameters
Added features of determining blemishes, opacity & human readable validation
Analysis is colour coded to show exactly where the problem is located within the barcode
Floating sensor head allows for detailed analysis of the bar code 
Reading of small & truncated codes possible, accurate & extremely user friendly
Multiple codes including any combination of Linear, 2D & Stacked Linear codes can be verified on one label within the field of view
Certified by GS1 US and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant ready & more
For more information on our LVS Integra 9570, please visit our website.
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Trade Link: LVS Integra 9570

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