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Label Planet Ltd
Unit 2 Alvaston Business Park
Middlewich Road
T: 01270 668076
F: 01270 666233
W: Label Planet Ltd

A New Fundraising Opportunity For Schools

The shift towards online activity is evident in all aspects of life, and almost every possible thing that can go online is going online (GOIGO), with a mixture of good and bad results. So it’s always good to hear about the success stories, and one such success is the use of online resources for fundraising opportunities; from individuals supporting friends and family or a small local cause, to large charities and organisations who are running events all over the world to help raise funds for a variety of causes. Sponsorship and donations are all the easier to collect through online sites and fundraising pages that can travel through the web of social media to bring these causes (no matter whether they are global or locally based) to the attention of more people than ever before. To read more click on the Trade Link.


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