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Removable Low Tack Labels

Part no: Removable Low Tack Labels

Over the years we have recognised that different adhesive types are very important for many various applications, for example our Low Tack / Removable self adhesive label range is extremely popular within the Book industry, libraries, gifts and packaging, and also glass or window companies that require the label to be removable without damaging or defacing the goods it has been stuck onto. however on the flip side of this adhesive we also have thousands of application that require permanent labels or high tack extra permanent adhesive labels where the end users are assured that their labels will stay stuck onto their products at all times. Our standard permanent adhesive can be refrigerated to -20c however if our clients require a deep freeze label, one that will stick onto their products in a deep freezer situation, our deep freeze adhesive labels will be suitable for any application down to a temperature of -40c. deep freeze labels are used by many food companies for obvious reasons. have developed a great range of block out labels. Block out labels are simply what it says in the title, they block out or cover up anything that is under the label once the label has been stuck on. It is totally opaque, ie, not see through. the label surface can be either plain white or coloured, these products can be printed at home or in the office to cover over over and re address old addresses or cover over mistakes on literature or promotional leaflets. Low Tack labels or Peelable labels can sometimes be known as removable labels where the label at some stage of it's life will be removed from what ever it has been stuck onto. Our range of removable labels cover all popular formats such as PCL labels, CD/DVD labels, paper labels, Address Labels and the Avery Style Labels. As well as white labels our range of low tack labels come in a variety of coloured labels too. labels-online have now developed a low tack . removable polyester label, please click this link to see the Polyester labels range in which you will find the low tack polyester product.

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