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CG Automatic Converting Equipment Ltd
8 Highmeres Road

T: 0116 2760206
W: CG Automatic Converting Equipment Ltd

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Coreless Machinery

Here at CG Automatic Converting Equipment Ltd we specialise in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of semi and fully automatic packaging machinery and equipment to the converting industries for the UK and global markets.

Products within our Coreless Machinery range include:

Semi-Automatic Coreless Machines
– Semi Auto Prestretcher, Semi Auto Coreless Rewinder, Semi Auto Coreless Slitter Rewind

Automatic Coreless Machines – Hollowrap Coreless Rewinder, Hollowrap Coreless Slitter Rewinder, TT600 Slitter Rewinder, TT1000 Slitter Rewinder, TT600 Coreless Prestretcher, TT1000 Coreless Prestretcher

Cored and Coreless Dual Purpose -  ST Cored & Coreless Rewinder, ST Cored & Coreless Slitter Rewinder, ST Cored & Coreless Prestretcher, TT600 Cored & Coreless Slitter Rewinder, TT600 Cored and Coreless Prestretcher, TT1000 Cored & Coreless Prestretcher

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