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Dolav UK
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Norwich Road, Watton
IP25 6JB
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MV1000 Heavy Duty Racking Pallet

Part no: MV1000 Pallet Racking

MV1000 Heavy Duty Racking Pallet Reinforced. Pallets for multiple uses in many industries. The right pallet is essential for high spec, high tech, automated handling. A 1200x1000mm, heavy-duty precision pallet, engineered to easily take heavy loads in high-bay, narrow aisle, automated handling systems is now available in the UK & Ireland. Designed for integration in automated handling systems either after build or ideally during construction design, the Dolav MV 1000 polypropylene pallet meets rigorously demanding criteria. In an automated, high-tech warehouse, automatic pickers, conveyors and turntable need every single pallet to behave and perform exactly in the way for which the computerised equipment is programmed. This is exactly what the Dolav MV 1000 precision pallet is designed for and delivers. Click on our link for more information.

Trade Link: Pallet MV-1000

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