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Beacon Plant
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Dust Suppressor Hire

Part no: Dust Suppressor Hire

Here at Beacon Plant we have a range of Slurry Tankers that are available to hire for dust suppressions.

The three units available include: 1600 Gallon 2000 Gallon 2500 Gallon Features of our Slurry Tankers include: • Sprung drawbars on 1600+ gallon units • Heavy duty swivel hitch on 1600+ gallon units • P.T.O. or hydraulic vacuum pumps • Quick release coupling on manual fill valves • Pressure relief valves • Choice of flotation tyres • Internal bracing • Implosion valves • Road lights If you require

Long-term hire discounts are available.

We also have other types of plant that are available for both long or short term hire, this includes: • Agricultural Tractors • Road Brushes • Diesel Bowsers • Vibratory Rollers • And more

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Trade Link: Dust Suppressor Hire

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