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Advanced NDT Ltd.
Unit 4, Elgar Business Centre
Moseley Road, Hallow
T: 01905 371 460
W: Advanced NDT Ltd.


Labino BigBeam UV LED Lamps

Labino BigBeam Smoothest beam on the market! The Labino BigBeam provides you with the smoothest and largest light beam there is. The LED technology offers you very narrow spectra with a peak of 365 nm. The Labino® BigBeam UV Led is 100% free from UV-B and the diodes emit almost no visible light.
• The Labino BigBeam UV LED Lamp is based on the latest UV LED Technology (9 x 365nm UV-A LED’s)
• The Labino BigBeam is available in a Mains only version or as the BigBeam Duo which is a cordless battery powered portable unit that can also be operated via the mains supply when needed.
• The Light emitting diodes (LED’s) emit a beam of light that is evenly distributed giving a very smooth uniform beam.
• The Labino BigBeam UV LED is 100% free from UV-B.
• The LED’s emit virtually no white light. Making it ideal for NDT Inspections where visible light limits are critical. • It’s Lightweight and compact size make it easy to use and with an instant-start function you get full power immediately, making it also possible to greatly increase the operating time by turning off between uses. • LED life expectancy: 30,000 hours approx.
• Manufactured in Sweden
• Available in two beam profiles, either Floodlight or MidLight.
• If your objective is to maximise UV intensity, in addition to the even beam compact size and light weight benefits, then choose the All New Helios versions. The same great features as the standard BigBeam versions but with a higher UV output. Up to 60% higher intensity on the Floodlight & 40% on the Midlight.
• Battery versions are fitted with a current regulator to keep the UV Intensity constant when the battery fades.


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