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C Perkin Ltd
T: 01924 439449
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W: Winding, Cutting & Labelling Machinery

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Slitter/Winder Machinery

Here at Perkin Ltd we specialise in Spiral Paper Tube Winding, Cutting and Labelling.
One of the products ranges we offer is Slitter/Winder Machinery.
Our Slitter/ Winder machines are efficient systems for slitting board due to only one shaft rewinding. 
Our  machines are built from strong pre-fabricated frames to eliminate vibration when running at top speed. 
High quality rewinding & separating of finished rolls is ensured by a special rubber ‘banana’ shaft bow spreader & by a pressure adjusting system at the bottom press roll.
Key Features of our Slitter/Winder Machines include:
40kw motor drive 
Fitted with load cells for automatic tension control synchronised with brake system
No paper waving due to constant distance between knives & rewind roll
Rotary knives do the cutting which can be quickly moved & set
The knives are driven by a roller at the same speed as the paper
The rewind & unwind shafts are of the pneumatic expanding type for 76mm
Maximum Rewind speed 600 meters/minute at 600mm diameter
The unwind shaft is adjustable axially for side adjustment of paper during the unwind work
For more information on our Slitter/ Winder Machinery, please visit our website.
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