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C Perkin Ltd
T: 01924 439449
F: 01924 438908
W: Winding, Cutting & Labelling Machinery

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Unwind Stand Machinery

Here at Perkin Ltd we specialise in Spiral Paper Tube Winding, Cutting and Labelling.
One of the products ranges we offer is Unwind Stand Machinery.
Our Unwind Stand Machinery utilises the cascade system which applies consistent gluing with minimum ply deflection.
Key Features of our Unwind Stand Machinery include:
Capacity for 30 plies
Air operated pump filters re-circulated glue to each ply
Pneumatic ply tensioning with the tension control 
Hardened guide bars
Hardened scrapers
For more information on our Unwind Stand Machinery, please visit our website.
Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Unwind Stand Machinery

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