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Applied Rubber Linings Ltd.
6 Chancel Close
Eastern Avenue
T: 01452 381849
F: 01452 381845
W: Rubber Lining Specialists

Applied Rubber Linings Ltd. Profile

Founded in 1972 by Stanley Travell and incorporated as a limited company in 1993, ARL is now owned and managed by Keith Travell and Robert Travell as joint directors and shareholders of the company.

For more than 40 years ARL has been providing the very best abrasion and corrosion protection solutions for the industry.

The two directors have between them more than 70 years combined experience of supplying protective linings and coatings for all types of process plant and equipment serving many different customers and industries in the UK and overseas.

Applied Rubber Linings are The Quality Rubber Lining Company in the UK, operating from premises in Gloucester, South West England, supplying rubber linings and coatings for mineral extraction and processing, water and effluent treatment, metal finishing, materials handling and many other industrial applications.

Our envied reputation within the plant lining industry is based on decades of quality, reliability, innovation, affordability and professional integrity.

We provide a wide range protective rubber lining products. 

We also serve the following industries:

Waste Treatment, Reclamation and Recycling

Power Generation

Metal Finishing (including electroplating, anodising, pickling, vibratory finishing, and shot blasting)

Materials Handling

Oil and Gas

Food and Beverages.

Manufacturing and Processing

Civil Engineering

Marine Industry

In addition we also provide a wide range of services including:
Alternative Coatings
Bund and Sump Linings
And many more.

Quality Procedures Applied Rubber Linings Ltd have a procedures manual for the processes that are carried out within their factory. These procedures include sections covering quality control under the headings of inspection of:

Incoming materials
Confirmation of contract details
Inspection and testing
Final inspection and packing
Contract review.

These quality procedures are based on the requirements of: BS 6374 Part 5: 1985 ISO 9003 (BS 5750 Part 3) Certificates of conformance spark test certificates, and quality plans are available if requested on any particular contract.

Potential customers are welcome to visit Applied Rubber Linings premises to assess capabilities and procedures if they wish.

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