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D S Smith Plastics
Cornhill Close
Lodge Farm Industrial Estate
T: 01604 596800
F: 01604 759024
W: D. S. Smith Plastics

  • 1: Moulded Foam for Pharmaceutical Industry
  • 2: Moulded Foam for Pharmaceutical Industry

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Moulded Foam for Pharmaceutical Industry

Part no: Moulded Foam Pharmaceutical

Here at D. S. Smith Plastics PLC we are a leading supplier and designer of foam moulded custom-designed components and packaging for a wide range of industries including the Pharmaceutical industry. All of the products we design and manufacture are tailored to your individual requirements, to ensure we provide you with the perfect solution. The following product will give you examples of the types of expanded foam products we have manufactured for the Pharmaceutical industry: Vial Tray Pack We also design and manufacture products for the following market sectors: Appliances Automotive Construction Consumer Products Dunnage Heating, Ventilation & Air Con Horticulture Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Moulded Foam for Pharmaceutical Industry

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