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Keith Payne Products Ltd
Unit 2, Manfield Park Industrial Estate
Guildford Road
T: 01483 276000
F: 01483 278167
W: Keith Payne Products Ltd

Photo 1: Emery Foot File

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Emery Foot File

Date: 18/04/2012

By: Web Author

News Release March 2012 Keith Payne Products Ltd is pleased to announce its association with Suzie Sturge Beauty Products. Suzie has invented and patented a very special Emerymat Foot File for use by people who find it difficult to abrade those hard patches of skin on the sole of the foot. The material sourcing experience and expertise in laminating and cutting of Keith Payne Products Ltd has enabled Suzie to bring this product to market... The Emerymat Foot File is being trailed by Major beauty and health care companies including Holland and Barrett. Suzie says that the product development and commercial assistance given by Keith Payne Products has enabled her to concentrate on the sales and marketing of the Emerymat Foot File. "Keith Payne Products handles all the material procurement, manufacturing, packing, distribution and invoicing for me." Keith Payne Products Ltd based in Cranleigh Surrey is a major converter of all non-metallic materials, mainly for gaskets and seals for engineering based customers. The EMERYMAT Foot File is currently available on line from Holland & Barrett or on eBay direct from Keith Payne Products;- search for 'Emerymat'.

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