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Able Systems Ltd.
Denton Drive

T: 01606 48621
F: 01606 44903
W: Experts in Printing Solutions

  • 1: Ap1400 Series of Printers
  • 2: Ap1400 Series of Printers
  • 3: Ap1400 Series of Printers

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Ap1400 Series of Printers

Here at Able Systems Ltd. we specialise in the design, manufacture and supply of mini printers and printer accessories.

One of the ranges of products we offer is the Ap1400 Series of Printers. These printers are lightweight yet sturdy, feature multiple mounting points, and come with all the accessories necessary for initial setup.

They are available in a variety of voltages and offer 2.0 full speed USB or 115,200 baud RS232 data connection.

Products in this range include:

Ap1400V; ideal taxi printer

Ap1400; ideal for labelling

Please call our team to discuss your needs.

For more information click on our Trade Link.


Trade Link: Ap1400 Series of Printers

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