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Cartridge Heater Stock
Unit 2b Holly Park Industrial Estate, Holly Lane
West Midlands
B24 9PD
T: 0845 6887332
F: 0845 2806776
W: Specialists in Cartridge Heaters

  • 1: 3/8” Diameter Cartridge Heaters
  • 2: 3/8” Diameter Cartridge Heaters

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3/8” Diameter Cartridge Heaters

Here at Cartridge Heater Stock we are committed to providing our customers with high quality ex-stock cartridge heaters, on time and at a competitive price.

One of the ranges of products we offer is 3/8” Diameter Cartridge Heaters, available in a range of wattages, lengths and voltages.

Products in this range include:

3.8”x1.5”, 100W, 240V cartridge heater
3.8”x1.5”, 50W, 240V cartridge heater
3.8”x2”, 70W, 240V cartridge heater
3.8”x2”, 200W, 240V cartridge heater
3.8”x2.5”, 300W, 240V cartridge heater
3.8”x3”, 400W, 240V cartridge heater
3.8”x4”, 220W, 240V cartridge heater
3.8”x5”, 280W, 240V cartridge heater
3.8”x6”, 350W, 240V cartridge heater

We pride ourselves on giving an un-surpass-able service, so call a member of our knowledgeable team to discuss your needs today.

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Trade Link: 3/8” Diameter Cartridge Heaters

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