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Action Sealtite Ltd
Unit 14, Moorbrook
Southmead Industrial Park
OX11 7HP
T: 01235 512500
F: 01235 512666
W: Dry Disconnect Couplings

  • 1: Air Line Coupling System
  • 2: Air Line Coupling System
  • 3: Air Line Coupling System
  • 4: Air Line Coupling System

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Air Line Coupling System

Here at Action Sealtite we specialise in the supply of dry disconnect couplings, hoses & fittings.

One of the products we offer our customers includes Air Line Coupling System.

Our Air Line Couplings offer are single shut-off quick release couplings that are interchangeable with those offered by other brands.

Key Features include:

Wide variety of Male, Female and Hose Tail end connections
¼" to ½" in the most popular series
-20°C to +100°C
15 bar (230 PSI) working pressure
One handed connect ability
Available within this range we have:
120 Series
68 Series
25 Series
23 Series
21 Series
19 Series
17 Series
Applications include:
Hand tools
Pneumatic conveying equipment
Air compressors
Liquid applications
For more information on our Air Line Coupling, please visit our website.

Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Air Line Coupling System

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