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Alrad Instruments Ltd.
Alder House
Turnpike Road industrial Estate
RG14 2NS
T: 01635 30345
F: 01635 32630
W: High Quality Scientific Equipment

X-Ray Spectrograph Portaspec®

Here at Alrad Instruments, we specialise in the provision of high quality scientific equipment to a range of sectors, such as industry and research.

One of the products we offer is the X-Ray Spectrograph Portaspec®. Designed to analyse materials in the field quickly and non-destructively, this machine is efficient and versatile.

Applications include:

Automotive, building and can industries
Computer disk industry
Mining industry

This product can analyse powders, as well as measuring the thickness coating weights of different metal coatings.

At Alrad Instruments, we pride ourselves on offering world class products with an expert, friendly service. Please call today to discuss your needs.

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Trade Link: X-Ray Spectrograph Portaspec®

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