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Air Tube Services Ltd.
Commercial House
23 Meadow Road, Netherfield
T: 0115 9611 911
W: Pneumatic Tube Supplier UK

Bespoke Shopping Trolleys & Baskets

Part no: Shopping Trolleys & Baskets

Here at Air Tube Services Ltd. we are a Pneumatic Tube System Supplier. We also provide a range of complementary products, one of which is our range of Bespoke Shopping Trolleys & Baskets. With our links with major worldwide manufacturers we have a wide range if shopping trolleys and baskets to choose from to suit a variety of needs. We have recently launched the ‘Eco-Cart' trolley which is manufactured from post consumer recycled plastics. Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: Bespoke Shopping Trolleys & Baskets

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