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Griffin Forensics Ltd.
5 Oxford Court
St James Road
NN13 7XY
T: 01280 707190
F: 01280 707199
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W: Data Recovery & Digital Investigation

Photo 1: CCTV Forensics and Analysis

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CCTV Forensics and Analysis

Here at Griffin Forensics, we specialise in providing competitively priced data recovery and digital investigation services.

One of the services we offer is CCTV Forensics and Analysis. CCTV forms a major part of crime prevention and detection and can be crucial to proving the guilt or innocence of an individual.

We can carry out CCTV forensics and analysis, which involves extracting, reviewing and presenting CCTV footage for legal proceedings. Some systems allow for extraction onto a CD or DVD, whilst others require a more lengthy process.

To discover more about our services, please call a member of our friendly team today.

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