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Griffin Forensics Ltd.
5 Oxford Court
St James Road
NN13 7XY
T: 01280 707190
F: 01280 707199
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W: Data Recovery & Digital Investigation

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Incident Response

Here at Griffin Forensics, we specialise in providing competitively priced data recovery and digital investigation services.

One of the services we offer is Incident Response. We can quickly mobilize resources to a site, as and when we are required, or we can help you over the phone and wait until access has been granted and the need for forensics expertise has been established.

We can image digital media either on or off site.

When preparing a search and seize order, we can help with the wording and execution, to help identify the best approach for gathering as much evidential material as possible.

To discover more about our services, please call a member of our friendly team today.

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Trade Link: Incident Response

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