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Game Custodial Engineering Ltd.
Witham St. Hughs Business Park
Witham St. Hughs
T: 01522 868 021
F: 01522 868 027
W: Game Custodial Engineering Ltd.

GAME Security Glazing - GSE-SG Range

Part no: GSE-SG Range

GAME Security Glazing - GSE-SG Range THE GSE-SG range of security glazing is manufactured from a steel framework construct enclosing laminated glass panels. There is a range of laminate options to meet your specialist safety requirements. Our high security glazing range is manufactured to provide physical protection to both people and property, whether the cause is deliberate or accidental, whilst providing the required viewing with the necessary strength for maximum safety and security. Other features provided include: In order to suit customer requirements windows can be made to any size. Available upon request fire resistant glazing from 30-120 minutes. We offer a wide range of products within this range, some of which include: GSE-SG-39 Holding Room Screen GSE-SG-40 Cell Observation Window GSE-SG-42 Concept 2005 Window Grille Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

Trade Link: GAME Security Glazing - GSE-SG Range

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