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Door Spring Supplies Company
10 Bentley Court, Paterson Road
Finedon Road Industrial Estate
T: 0844 504 6575
F: 0844 504 6575
W: Door Spring Supplies Company

Bar, Kiosk, Servery Security Shutters

Part no: Bar, Kiosk Security Shutters

Bar, Kiosk, Servery Security Shutters The small shutter box and neat finish of security shutters make them suitable for many internal openings and external kiosks. Counterbalance spring is a common form of operation. Bottom slat keylock or internal shoot bolts secure the shutter. When headroom is very restricted our shutters will run sideways with the shutter box at the side. Roller shutters are effective space savers on cupboards and cabinets. If vision is required through the shutter, CD 900 aluminium shutters are used to retain a high level of security. Wide spans and corners are accommodated by fixed or removable centre rails. Click on the trade link for more information.

Trade Link: Bar, Kiosk, Servery Security Shutters

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