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L. D. Leigh & Co Ltd
P.O.Box 670

S40 1AA
T: M: 0560119922
W: L. D. Leigh & Co Ltd

L. D. Leigh & Co Ltd Profile

Here at L. D. Leigh & Co Ltd, we specialise in Collated Fasteners, Nails, Strip Nails, Coil Nails, Angled Finish Nails, Pins, Brads & pneumatic tools & all accessories.
With 48+ years’ experience in the collated fasteners industry, we are a family run business, priding ourselves in our expertise in the Worldwide export market. We can supply more than 3,000 types of collated fastener in a huge variety of materials
Our expansive product range includes:
14 Series Heavy Duty Staples
15g Angled Brads
16 Gauge Brads
16 Gauge Stainless Brads
16g Angled Brad Nails
16g Stainless Gas & Nails
18 Gauge Brads
18 Gauge Headless Brads
18g Brad Nail Tools
23 Gauge Pins/Vineer pins
23g Pinners
71 Series Stainless Steel
71Series Upholstery Staples
71 Series Upholstery Tackers
80 Series Staple Tools
80 Series staples
90 Series Staple Tools
90 Series Staples
91 series Staples
94 series Staple Tools
97 Series Staples
ABAC Quality Compressors
Airlines & Accessories
Angled Brads
Angled Finish Nail Tools
Angled Finish Nails
Battery Tools with Senco Technology
BeA Fasteners
BeA Stapling & Nailing Tools
Bedding & Packing Pliers
Cable Trackers
Car Trimmer Staples & Tools
Cardboard Box Closing Tools…..and many, many more!
Please visit our website to see our full range of products as well as more information about the range of manufacturers we stock. You can also find out more about our pricing policy, special offers, our latest news as well as contact details and our online shop.
To discuss your needs and options, please call a member of our team today.
Click on our Trade Link for more Information.

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